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Who We Are

Founded in 1999, Bristol International Corporation was created when a core group of equipment engineers began designing and building American-made filtration equipment with more advanced technology and greater processing performances than what was commercially available. Innovation continues to be emphasized, and leads the company to the forefront of industrial filtration, manufacturing and engineering.
Bristol International Corporation is bigger, better one-step industrial solutions shop fully centered on solutions that optimizes performance for worldwide industrial companies, and known for solutions-driven treatment and determination to keep production on course for all customers.

What We Do

Bristol International Corp. utilizes specific design and technology for a full-range of industrial applications that require liquid-liquid and liquid –solid high speed disc. Centrifuge separation technology, Ultra-filtration, Nano-Filtration, Micro-Filtration and fluid clarification. Cutting-edge engineering technology and traditional craftsmanship are blended into networks of equipment and services provided and built by Bristol International Corporation in the United States of America.

Why We Work

Bristol International Corp. exists to give industries more advanced liquid-liquid and liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and fluid clarification system technology that create solutions to minimize waste volumes, meet government disposal regulation and increase overall processing performances. Bristol International Corp. has endless resources to build customized filtration systems and manufacture industrial equipment to meet unique needs of industrial applications.

How We Work

Bristol International Corp. combines the best filtration systems for customers with a focus on finding and innovating the best filtration solutions and we guarantee loyal customer service.

Bristol International Corp. performs industrial application sample test to establish an advanced understanding of the unique application from customers, thus determining the correct filtration system design and capacity. Technical engineers at Bristol International are able to design, develop and construct appropriate filtration systems for nearly all industrial applications in the world. 

Upon receiving industrial process information from customers, Bristol International Corp. provides a quote of all estimated project costs within 72 hours and a solutions Engineer is with the customers every step of the way to guarantee complete and loyal customers satisfaction.

Where We Operate

All engineering, manufacturing, services and sales operations are located under one roof at the Bristol International Corp. headquarters in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

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