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Manufacturing Program

  • Machining and custom production of parts
  • Specialized fasteners and nuts
  • Water turbines
  • Ultra filtration systems
  • Repairs of water, steam and gas turbines
  • Repairs and remanufacturing of centrifuges and vacuum filters
  • Renovation and manufacturing of friction bearings

Bristol International Corporation


The company has modern NC and CNC machines and our machining capabilities are limited only by the size of the individual components. We can manufacturer parts for up to max sizes of dia. 2200mm and length of 6000mm.

We provide technical solutions to our customer's problems or we can work with customer's own documentation. Our departments are equipped with the latest version of engineering and design software which enables us to react promptly and professionally to even the most difficult tasks that our customers face.

In order to satisfy the emergency needs of our customers we stock a variety of steels for the most demanding applications in the energy producing industry for immediate manufacturing requirements. We regularly stock steel capable of withstanding temperature changes from -200'C to +1000'C. In order to provide a comprehensive service, we provide manufacturing of casting patterns, obtain castings or forgings from steel or non-ferrous metals at a reasonable price to insure the customer's competitive advantage in their respective markets.

We manufacturer parts and components for customers under their own technical documentation utilizing our own raw materials or materials delivered by customers. The company uses modern CNC or NC machines for production of parts such as shafts, studs, pins, gears or any other required. We can make virtually any size with a maximum dimension of 2200 mm diameters and 6000 mm length.

Specialty fasteners and nuts

Studs, bolts and nuts are made out of high alloy and stainless steel under CSN, DIN and ANSI norms in any length required and diameters from M10 to M110 x 6mm. These products are suitable for any application where stress, pressure and temperature play a critical role. Our bolts and nuts are capable of withstanding temperatures from -50'C to 580'C and pressures up to 30MPa. Upon the customer's request, we can provide zinkchromate surface finishes with strengths up to 12.9 (12K). For added strengths up to about 900MPa., threads are cold rolled.

All Fasteners are certified by SZU Brno, state testing agency Jablonec nad Nisou per CSN EN, DIN and ANSI norms.

Repairs and general overhauls of machinery and major components are important parts of our overall activities. Depending on our customer's requirements, we can manufacture new parts or rebuild existing parts for such machinery. In addition, we can also offer special services for our customers such as dynamic balancing of rotation parts and manufacture or rebuilding of Babbitt metal friction bearings.

Sanborn a.s. is equipped with a wide assortment of measuring tools and instruments. Every part made by us is inspected and has it's own certificate of quality. Sanborn a.s owns certifications of state inspection agencies of the Czech republic such as ITI and CSN EN ISO 9001 issued by Lloyd's Register Quality

Quality assurance programs

Sanborn a.s owns several domestic and international quality assurance certificates. CSN EN ISO 9001, which we received through the British firm Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited, is one of our more important certificates. In addition to the ISO certification, we own certificates for specialty fasteners and parts issued by ITI Prague branch for Nuclear Energy Industry and we have also state certificates for studs, bolts and nuts which are shipped under the Czech state norms CSN 131505.11-19. Also based on the customer's requirements, we can obtain other quality certificates including those for special surface finishes such as zinc coating and others.


Bristol International Corporation

 Remanufacturing of centrifuges

Depending on the process final application, centrifuges are overhauled and modernized to meet the customer's requirements. We work on almost all brands of peelers, basket centrifuges and pushers as well as decanters providing modernization with state of the art electronic controls, hydraulic and electric motors and other components necessary for modern processes. Upon request, we can provide Hallar, rubber or stainless steel lining with all necessary certifications of quality.

Renovation and manufacture of friction bearings

We provide renovation of Babbitt bearings by recasting new composite materials into existing bearing housings. The company can pour metal statically or centrifugally to achieve required quality at competitive prices. Maximum sizes of bearings that we can deliver new or remanufactured are dia. 2000 mm and 1500 mm length.

Bristol International Corp.

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