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High Capacity Ultrafiltration Systems

Bristol's High-Capacity Ultra filtration (UF) Systems employ wide channel (half-inch) & (one inch) tubular membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils, and reduce waste by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives.

These economical Bristol UF systems are designed to handle waste volumes up to 6000 gallons per day (GPD) and feature simple, continuous operation with minimal operation involvement to reduce labor cost.

Since ultra filtration usually produces a directly sewer-able effluent, waste-disposal charges can also be substantially lowered. Each Bristol Ultra filtration System is shipped pre-piped an wired for easy installation. Once installed the unit requires minimal energy for continuous functioning at extremely low operating cost.

Bristol's Service Engineering Department and Laboratory facilities are available to solve specific fluid problems, assist in installation, train operators and provide maintenance recommendations.

Typical applications for Bristol Ultrafiltration Systems include waste minimization of:

Metal Working Coolants

Mop Water - Food Processing Waste

Aqueous Parts Washer Solution

Air Compressor Blowdown

High BOD and COD Effluent Systems




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