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Bristol Pure 

Bristol Pure

Coolant / Oil Recovery For Small Fluid Volumes

Bristol Pure Recovery Systems are Bristol Internationals Smallest, most economical systems. These modularly designed systems offer the Bristol International guarantee for high quality "like new" fluid. Based on the Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) principle of high speed three phase centrifugation working in concert with other components, such as precise feed pumps and heaters, to remove all solids, tramp fluids, odors and control biological activity; the Bristol Pure System provides it's users with total fluid recovery!

Test tubes show A) dirty coolant, B) coolant with solids & tramp oil Centrifuged, C) recovered coolant and D) recovered tramp oil.

These unique systems allow for coolant and / or oil purification and can be operated at a fixed or remote location.

Models are available in fluid processing capacities of 50 to 1500 Gallons per hour. Some of the modular options include self-cleaning centrifuge, Heat Pasteurization, Heat Exchangers, Processing Tanks and Portable Systems mounted on wheels. Other options for Bristol Pure Systems have included kerosene recovery, rinse water purification, and alkaline parts washer recovery.

System will process:
Coolant 3 gpm / Oil 4 gpm

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