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UF-300 Operation Summary

UF-300 Operation Summary

UF-300 Operation Summary


Membrane Systems start by putting the wastewater into a process tank. The liquid is then pressure driven across the semi permeable membrane.

The process is continuous and because of the cross flow pattern, the membrane does not cake or plug. No materials are trapped within the membrane. They are concentrated and then removed from the process tank.

Metalworking Coolants:
Removal of the water in emulsions achieving waste minimization.
Aqueous Parts Washer Solutions:
Resource recovery of the washer for bath extension.
Vibratory, Burnishing and Deburring Waste:
Removal of the suspended solids in the rinse stream for resource recovery of rinse water.
Mop Water:
Removal of the water from the oily wash water for waste minimization.
Food processing Waste:
Removal of suspended solids, FOG, COD, and BOD for waste minimization.
Air Compressor Blown down:
Removal of Condensate water from Compressor Blown down for disposal.
COD and BOD Reduction:
Reduction of soluble and insoluble COD and BOD for wastewater discharge.

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