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Bristol Pure Automatic / Self-Cleaning CentrifugesBristol Pure Automatic / Self-Cleaning Centrifuges for Coolant / Oil filtration range from 5 gpm to 20 gpm. Bristol International Corp. systems use high speed disc. centrifuges, heat / pasteurizes to achieve the highest quantity and quality of recovered coolants and oils while generating the least amount of waste of all commercial systems. 

Bristol International Corp. Automatic / Self-Cleaning systems are designed with fluid processing capacities of 300 to 1200 gallons per hour, can be operated at fixed or remote locations and are ideal for the processing of different coolants or oils. Bristol Pure Systems feature microprocessor controls and work automatically for both individual batch recovery and central sump control. Designed for continuous or on-line purification of large or central fluid sumps, Bristol Pure systems are available with processing capacities to service up to 100,000 gallon sumps. Bristol International's Coolant / Oil Recovery systems are designed for unattended operation and require far less maintenance that comparable system 




Extremely High Quality Purification

* Removes metallic fines and other solids down to one micron.
* Separates tramp fluids down to one quarter of one percent
* Reduces bacteria, fungi and mold to levels of freshly mixed coolant

Versatile Plant wide Application

* Single system serves multiple formulations
* Works effectively on cutting oils, quench oils and rolling oils
* Processes virtually any make of coolant and oil 

Simple and Efficient Operation

* Fast, single-pass processing returns completely purified fluid
* Systems delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested ready for installation


Dramatic Direct Cost SavingsBristol Pure Automatic / Self-Cleaning Centrifuges

Reduces fluid waste disposal cost up to 98%
Reduces new fluid purchases 80 to 95%
Reduces Costs of chemical biocides 90%

Improved Quality and Productivity

Cuts machine downtime for sump cleanouts
Improves tool efficiency and product quality
Reduces worker dermatitis, toxic biocide exposure

Important Environmental Benefits

Reduces liability for manifesting, storing dirty fluid and drums
Meets tightening discharge standards for oily wastes
Eliminates potential liability for offsite environmental damage

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